Only Happy When it Rains? Garbage!

Uncovering the Cloud Industrial Complex

I remember the first time I ever heard that the human body was made almost entirely of water. I was in 5th-grade science and we were covering biology. We had recently finished our study of photosynthesis and the concept of plant cells, which seemed pretty bogus too, in my opinion. Then our teacher said something crazy, she claimed that the body consisted of over 60% water. Water?! I couldn’t believe it.

I still don’t believe it. To this day, I am convinced that it’s a conspiracy formed by the clouds so they can just keep raining down on us, what I like to term The Cloud Industrial Complex.

Pretty sure the umbrella industry has something to do it with it too, but there hasn’t been any solid proof on that one yet.

You’ll die within three days of not drinking water? Hogwash.

The only good thing that’s come out of water is beer. I try to not even take showers because that’s a by-product of the cloud industry complex, and do we really even need to smell like flowers when we’re human beings who should smell like the mammals that we are?

Or maybe we aren’t mammals, but that’s a conspiracy for another day.

cloud industrial complex
The Cloud Industrial Complex… is it real?

I mean, just look at that? Is that something you really think is INSIDE of you?

The Cloud Industrial Complex has infiltrated nearly every molecule on earth. Think about it, what doesn’t host water in some shape or form? It’s everywhere. It fills our lakes and ponds and oceans. It comes out of our showers and sinks. It will even push itself through a long green snake looking hose so you can fill your plants and grass with its liquidy goo. What is the motivation of the Cloud Industrial Complex anyway? Does it really come down to just wanting to help the earth Thrive? Or could it be a setup for the greedy agricultural industry to make more money? Big Ag behind the clouds? How interconnected are all of these organizations anyway?