Windshield wiper manufacturers into extreme BDSM?

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After my first video came out regarding the Cloud Industrial Complex I was contacted by a person who prefers to remain anonymous. This person has confirmed that windshield wiper manufacturers do indeed design the driver’s side wiper to have a slight malfunction in order to smear right in front of the driver’s line of vision.

This anonymous source said:

Of course there’s the profit increase the companies gain, but the main motivation behind this gross and disturbing malfunction is that the people in charge are all sadists.

My source continued to explain that these sadists get their pleasure by inflicting frustration, irritation, and anxiety onto others. And most of all, they enjoy making the roads less safe for travelers.

Though my source was pretty nervous about coming to me with this information, the source, like so many of us drivers is tired of the smudges and wants them to stop.

The Cloud Industrial Complex is so large and complicated, but if we slowly disclose this information we can surely be free from what binds us to this earth.

These clouds want to keep raining down on us, it is big business for them after all. Plus, they get to take up all that real estate in the sky.

But, we should ask ourselves, do they really deserve to?

These sadists should not be allowed to work on any part of a vehicle and yet the Cloud Industrial Complex hires these windshield wiper sociopaths specifically to torture humanity in just a slightly irritating yet totally dangerous way.

Sure, not every person at the windshield wiper factory is a monster or even a sadist, but they only need ONE to cause this smear malfunction on all of the windshield wipers. One adjustment to the design mold and everything changes. The windshield goes from clear brilliant glass to smudged white streaks right in front of the driver’s line of sight. We will not even get into the type of pleasure these sadists experience when a bug smashes into the glass and parts of its completely wrecked body oozes out all over the windshield (we’ll only say it’s the type of pleasure one might feel while rolling on E and also having an intense full-body orgasm at the same time).

Nevertheless, there is very little any of us can do about these windshield wiper sadists. We can’t very well boycott windshield wipers. We still have places to go when it rains, which the Cloud Industrial Complex certainly is aware of. This is one reason why water gushes from the sky at often the most inconvenient of times, like at weddings and funerals, and the one day you get off work and try to go to the amusement park. The Cloud Industrial Complex gets off from your misery. Just like the windshield wiper sadists get off on your lack of visibility while driving in the rain.